OBA Academy


Collections & ECL

This two-day webinar by EY was held on 5th and 6th July 2021

Twenty-eight bank executives from seven banks attended this pay-per-participant program. 


Digital Transformation in Financial Services

2-day webinar conducted by EY took place on the 15th and 16th June 2021.

The webinar was attended by 19 banking executives from 6 banks. This was a pay per participant workshop.


Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO)

A 4-day virtual training course took place between 28th March and 31st March 2021 titled Certified Chief Information Officer Version 3 by EC-Council. 

Certified CISO is a highly specialized training and certification program aimed at producing top-level information security executives. The program focused on the application of information security management principles from an executive management point of view including Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, Information Security Controls, Information Security Core Competencies, and Strategic Planning.

The program was attended by information security executives from a number of banks as well as the CBO and CMA. 


Sohar Port Freezone, 5th November 2020

Sohar Port Freezone presented its modus operandi and investment opportunities at the free zone. This was followed by a discussion with senior bankers on challenges faced by international investors when dealing with certain banking transactions. Twenty-one executives attended this event.


Leading People Through Tough Times

20 participants from a number of banks attended this session. This event was free-of-charge.


IBOR Transition

27 participants from a number of banks attended this session which was delivered on-line by experts in the field of reference rates. The event was pay per participant.


Global Fraud is Exploding

OBA in coordination with the knowledge partner EY organised webinar titled Global Fraud is Exploding held on 28th September 2020. The session was pay per participant, and had 20 registrations by bank executives.


PwC IFRS9 workshop

The CRO Committee arranged an online session with PwC on 25th August 2020, to review how banks across the region are handling IFRS9 to reflect the impact of the Pandemic and low Oil Price.


OBA CBFS Joint Webinar

OBA, in coordination with the College of Banking and Financial Studies (CBFS), organised a webinar on the Impact of COVID-19 on Banking; Challenges and Responses. The webinar took place using a virtual platform on the 26th August 2020 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm. The main topics and resources for the event were, as follows:

  • Impact of COVID-19 on Global and regional economy and financial markets both in the short and long term’ by Ms. Carla Slim, Economist, Global Research Team, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Impact on operations of Banks’ profitability, asset quality and liquidity’ by Mr. Craig Bell, Chief Financial Officer, Sohar International Bank
  • Regulatory and policy support/response to recover banks from COVID 19 shocks' by Mr. Mohammed Al Hashmi, Head of Compliance, Bank Nizwa
  • Way forward for Banks in Oman to deal with current socio-economic challenge’ Panel Discussion moderated by Mr. Ali Hassan Moosa, Chief Executive Officer, Oman Banks Association

The event had over 750 registrations including bankers, regulators, policy makers, college students, researchers, and Academicians.


Basel-Post crisis reforms (Basel IV) by KPMG

Road to Basel IV webinar conducted by KPMG, attended by 38 banking executives on 28th June 2020. The topics that presented during the session were Credit risk, Market risk, and Operational risk.


Managing Labour issues during Covid-19

A virtual workshop conducted by SASLO Legal Training Center on 25th June 2020, attended by 30 participants from nine banks.


Road to Basel IV by Dentons

The virtual seminar was held on 16th June 2020, attended by 44 senior/middle management finance and risk executives from the Omani banking sector including three members from CBO. The following were the main points discussed during the session:

Course objectives:

  • Background on the Basel Accord
  • Basel III reforms
  • Basel IV refinements
  • Deposit guarantee schemes
  • Bank resolution
  • (MREL) a new form of capital

Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst Certification by EC-Council

A 3-day workshop conducted by EC Council and attended by 13 participants was held on 8th to 10th March 2020 at OBA’s office.

A 3-day workshop conducted by EC Council and attended by 13 participants was held on 8th to 10th March 2020 at OBA’s office. The workshop entailed a live cyber laboratory, activities, and digital course material.


E&Y’s workshop on Common Reporting Standards (CRS)

Compliance executives attended a workshop by E&Y at OBA's Office on the 26th February 2020. The workshop agenda was, as follows:

Course objectives:

  • Background to the CRS
  • Overview of key requirements
  • Key challenges and lessons learned (reflecting on Oman and earlier adopting CRS jurisdictions’ experiences)
  • CRS audit trends and implications of non-compliance
  • Technology ‘Doing more, with less!’
  • Q&A

Certified Enterprise Risk Management Specialist (CERMS)

A 3-day course offered on March 29 – 31 at Crowne Plaza Qurum Heights.

Course objectives:

To understand the diversity of ERM frameworks, gain knowledge of how a framework might be written down and designed to fit the needs of an organization. Gain experience for how an ERM specialist might plan for the implementation of a framework, assess its effectiveness and maturity of ERM practices, and promote its continual development.