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Oman Banks Association at OEC Chapter II

Oman Banks Association at OEC Chapter II

Aug 09th 2022

Chapter II – “everything online” – The Oman eCommerce Conference 2022, organized by Inovexic under the patronage of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion from the Sultanate of Oman.  OEC 2022 is back to assist you explore and capture the answers to the digital trends of tomorrow. 

Network with 700+ conference delegations, 50+ world renowned speakers at The Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2022.

OEC Chapter II is thematically centred on “infinite possibilities experienced” and will host companies from around the globe across a diverse set of industries including commerce majors, logistics, business houses, market leading financial institutions, e-payment network and telecom operators.

Event highlights: 
•    Latest content which is streamlined, structured and aimed at physical and digital retail trending topics.
•    Global industry leaders will address the entire audience, speaking directly about top challenges retailers continue to face.
•    Exhibition of the latest retail technology that can transform your business and capture the untapped potential. 
Participants will have the opportunity to:
•    Hear and interact from world renowned inspiring speakers, celebrities and entrepreneurs as they share their experience on how to succeed on online platforms
•    Experience the latest technology and innovative services to create seamless CX
•    Learn how to increase sales and deliver efficiently across online and instore operations
•    Gain insights from experts with one-on-one meets & understand how to maximize your impact online while increasing your profits
•    Network with over 1000+ professionals across the world and meet the biggest industry names

Attend, learn and network with industry leaders and innovators in the evolving digital transformation and E-Commerce space. Listen to thought leaders discuss challenges in real time while revealing analytical insights regarding national objectives and regulatory frameworks enhancing transparency, reliability and consistence.

Website: www.oecfuture.com 
Registration Link: https://oecfuture.com/attend/

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