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Job Opening in Oman Banks Association CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

Job Opening in Oman Banks Association CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

Oct 08th 2023

Reporting to the Board of the Oman Banks Association, the incumbent will have to lead the association to meet its overall responsibilities and represent the collective opinions of its members to different stakeholders in line with applicable laws in the Sultanate of Oman, particularly the Banking Law and Civil Associations Law. 

Job Responsibilities:

  •  To develop OBA strategy and priorities taking in mind common industry objectives and interests aiming to strengthen the banking industry in Oman.
  • To develop OBA to be a united voice of the banking industry. 
  • To lead in carrying forward important agendas, needs, matters, projects of the baking industry and make remarkable representation of these aspects with different stakeholders in order to achieve benefits that make significant difference for the industry and its customers 
  • To work with government bodies, regulators and other stakeholders in spreading positive public awareness and understanding of the industry’s contribution to the economy while customers continue to benefit from a stable and competitive banking industry.
  • To diversify OBA funding sources in order for it to be self sufficient 
  • To establish OBA as a reliable source of the banking industry information, news, analysis, and context on industry issues.
  • To take a lead in identifying and utilizing synergies between member banks in a way that benefits various stakeholders; enhances industry growth, reduces risks, improves customer perceptions, increases productivity and the overall wellbeing of society.  
  • To continuously target strengthening the member base of OBA to widen the benefits and collaboration between members and their broader peers in the economy 
  • To advocate policies for improvements and development of the banking industry through research, policy expertise, and continuous thorough engagements. 
  •  To engage with regulatory authorities on matters relating to law, regulations, bank policies, and promoting best practices. 
  • To ensure that the specialized committees meet their objectives, by providing value added inputs, alignment activities, closure of gaps, follow-ups, monitoring and progress reporting. 
  • To establish OBA capabilities in the field of research in areas that will benefit the industry, its customers and government institutions. 
  • To Ensure the implementation of the policies and decisions made by the General Assembly and the Board of Directors. 
  •  To run OBA Academy to provide educational and vocational training programs that are much more effective and efficient to be carried at OBA level.
  • To be resourceful of latest banking local and global news and trends that can be utilised by member banks in designing their products, customer insights, and directions.  
  • To constructively contribute to an effective, transparent and mutually respectful relationship between the Board, the members, and the regulatory authorities.
  • To be a role model for the industry professionals; with high ethics, values, wisdom, compliance to policies and regulations, best operating standards and thorough leadership demonstration. 


Qualifications, Experience, and Competencies required:

  • Omani National.
  •  Undergraduate degree in Business or related disciplines. Postgraduate degree is an added advantage. 
  • Minimum of 10 years working experience in banking sector, out of which 7 years in core banking activities.
  • Financial Acumen, strategic mindset, and good knowledge of operational policies and procedures relating to banking legislations and Banking Systems.
  • Able to grasp regulatory laws and principles relating to banks.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills.
  • Proficiency in Arabi and English languages; spoken and written.  


Please send your Curriculum Vitae via email to admin@omanbanksassociation.com with subject: “CEO Job Position” before 30 October 2023.